Iceland, Day 4

All the while we were headed east, we made mental notes of places we wanted to stop on the return journey (we didn’t have time to do the whole Ring Road tour). On this fourth day, we stopped and photographed many times. We started by these gorgeous Icelandic horses:

Iceland 2018 image 0 22

(Note the snow-capped peak at the left; that’s our next destination)?

The horses were exceptionally friendly, and loved being fed fresh grass (and apples):?

Iceland 2018 image 0 18

Iceland 2018 image 0 19

Iceland 2018 image 0 21

Our next stop was to attempt to hike to the summit of the mountain between the two horses above:

Iceland 2018 image 0 31

The hike up was surprisingly steep, with gorgeous views everywhere since there are no trees to obstruct the views.

Iceland 2018 image 0 24

From here, the hiking became steeper and scree-filled:

Iceland 2018 image 0 25?

and finally, when we arrived at the last hundred feet of vertical, the 5th class climb was not safe due to the extremely brittle rock, so we enjoyed the amazing views:

Iceland 2018 image 0 33

Iceland 2018 image 0 36

and then headed down to the camper:

Iceland 2018 image 0 34

I could spend all summer hiking and trail running in Iceland. I cannot get over how amazing it is to be in this landscape completely devoid of trees with stunning views everywhere. Our next stops were places we noted earlier; first were some abandoned buildings in a horse pasture:

Iceland 2018 image 0 41

Iceland 2018 image 0 42

Iceland 2018 image 0 43

We were politely requested to leave the field; the farmer drove by on his ATV and opened all the doors on our camper to make it clear to us that he wanted us to leave asap.?

Our next stop for the day (before camping just outside Vik were just a few locations along the road:

Iceland 2018 image 0 27

Iceland 2018 image 0 32

Iceland 2018 image 0 39

We camped at a picnic area a few kilometers east of Vik, and had an absolutely gorgeous display of Northern lights. The best I’ve ever seen and the first Eva’s ever seen. I chose to enjoy the rapidly changing light show without photographing it.?

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