Off to Iceland

Tuesday night I am flying to Iceland with my oldest daughter, Eva, to spend a week traveling, hiking, running, and photographing in Iceland.

The last time I went to Iceland I was alone and when I arrived (in the end of March) several feet of snow had fallen, making my initial idea of doing a lot of trail running not possible.?

Also, last time I still was shooting with Canon cameras—which I had used exclusively since my first camera (a Canon EOS 10s film camera) in the late 1980[s. Although the EOS 1Ds Mark III I was using in my last trip functioned wonderfully, it was a tank of a camera, and the high ISO performance was not very good. A few years ago, after reading about the Fuji mirrorless cameras, I purchased a Fuji x100T and was so impressed by the image quality and the compactness of the camera, that I sold all my Canon camera gear and switched completely to Fuji. These cameras are without a doubt, the best camera’s I’ve ever used, and the image quality is far better than my previous “full frame” Canon camera.?

Here’s the kit that I am taking to Iceland: An X100F with the wide angle conversion lens, and XPro2 with 14mm, 23 mm, 35 mm, 50mm, and 56 mm lenses, Also (not pictured) a monopod and a tripod, and 5 extra batteries.

Now I have to finish grading a pile of physics exams, write a Statistical Physics lecture, and then I can enjoy traveling around Iceland ?with my daughter.

IMG 4069