Iceland, Day 3

Eva likes to have a plan, and on this day, she was on a mission to see the icebergs at J?kulsárlón. ?

After leaving Vik, we drove through an flat area with many square kilometers of moss covered rock. We stopped and photographed together for some time. Here is Eva standing in the midst of the mossing area:

Iceland 2018 image 0 14

There were pockets of fall color if you wandered sufficiently far:

Iceland 2018 image 0 15

from here, we finally made it to?J?kulsárlón:

Iceland 2018 image 0 16

This is 248 meters deep and the bay is open to the ocean, and the interaction with the relatively warmer ocean water calves huge chunks of ice off the glacier’s end and the resulting icebergs float about in and out of the bay depending on winds and tides. Some of the ice ends up on the black sand beach, leaving little jewels of ice scattered everywhere.?

There’s a seal in the picture below to give you a sense of scale:

Iceland 2018 image 0 45

This picture strikes me as funny; almost like we have a fake photo backdrop behind us:

Iceland 2018 image 0 17