Iceland Day 2

On our second day in Iceland, we began by bushwhacking up the hill from route 1 to get to the cliff summit by?Seljalandsfoss. Here we had a great view of the floodplain from the glaciers above:

Iceland 2018 image 0 9

as well as a nice view of?Seljalandsfoss from above:

Iceland 2018 image 0 10

From here, our plan was to make it to the small mountain peak shown in the Day 1’s post; but unfortunately the river that led to the waterfall was too wide to ford safely and we instead went on a hike up river until it became clear that we were not going to make it across. Nonetheless, it was a gorgeous day and we returned to the car after a few hours of pleasant hiking. For those interested, if you follow the river from?Seljalandsfoss upstream, you come to yet another falls that it only visible (from the south) by precariously peering over the edge of a cliff. We didn’t photograph this falls because of this.

Iceland 2018 image 0 11

Continuing on route 1, we went to a geothermal fed pool — you can see the steam rising from a leaky pipe leading to the pool:

Iceland 2018 image 0 13

After leaving this hike and soak, we continued east and our?day ended at Vik, where we camped for the night.

Upper Falls, Cathance River, ME

I’m busy delving into the newly released Lightroom 3, organizing my library and doing some much needed keywording. In the course of doing so, I came across this photograph taken last fall at the Upper Falls, Cathance River, ME Thought it would make a nice blog post.

I must say that I am completely delighted at the image quality improvements in Lightroom 3. The new Lens Corrections are fantastic and I now have no reason to maintain my license for DxO Optics Pro, which is a time and money savings.

Only 1800 images left to sort through! My mid year resolution is to finish this task and never to fall behind on keywording and organizing again.